After much thought, I have decided to publish my Second photographic book which will be called, "Follow me, I’ll be right behind you". This project will present an enigma of surreal, abstract and minimal visuals. The imagery in this book may not be easily understood and it is one of the main objectives to allow viewers to discover and develop their own perceptions about the images in the book. It has always been intriguing to hear people’s views on the images I have produced in the past, and it has always been my pleasure to delve into the minds of the viewers. I felt it necessary to finally share a piece of my creativity and my mind with the  world so a photo book is my next step. With your help, I hope to make this project a huge success in displaying unique art to all and I will be forever grateful for your support. This project will also include short captions and poems from me and other incredible creators I have met along my journey. 


Images - Southern Africa Road Trip 

Summer 2014  there was so much going on for the Ocean Trader Caribbean Blog crew when we headed to Africa. We have been occupied with sailing adventures, family events and just traveling in general. As a result you may have noticed fewer postings and photos. One adventure trek that was worth our efforts was a road trip we took in Southern Africa. This was no ordinary road trip. This trek took us through South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Nkosi needed an extra aircraft just for his photo gear. We produced over 1000 photo files and loads of video. Starting in Johannesburg, South Africa, we took our time exploring new ground and making new friends. Jo’burg is a monster of a city and it did not disappoint. Nkosi photographed street life, unique communities in various townships, and just about anything that crossed our path. Motoring out of ZA we crossed the border into Botswana at the small town of Laboste. We had a new vehicle, good GPS mapping and more equipment than we actually used. After entering Botswana our road trip produced one surprise after the other. The Trans-Kalahari Highway was a neat experience. The landscape changed as we headed north. Days were warm and nights were very cool.